AccessAbility Support (formerly known as The Disability Support Program) offers Islanders living with disabilities assistance in certain areas. The program supports disabilities such as physical, intellectual, neurological, sensory, and mental health. AccessAbility now offers new and improved supports that are intended to help individuals with disabilities on the Island to reach their full potential.

Some of these new supports include:

  • Support for all disabilities including physical, intellectual, neurological, sensory and mental. Level of support is based on an assessment.
  • A new assessment tool to help better understand how the disability affects activities of daily living to ensure appropriate support is provided.
  • New supports coordinator to navigate all the available support services and develop a personalized plan to meet individual needs.
  • Increased support for finding, or keeping, a job including coaching and skills training.
  • Increased financial help for home and vehicle modifications required because of a disability – $10,000 every 10 years for home (was $2,000 in a lifetime) and $6,000 every 8 years for a vehicle (was $2,000 in a lifetime).
  • A single point of contact by calling a toll-free number for easier access to support.

To be eligible for AccessAbility Supports you need to be all of the following:

  • A person with a disability, defined as a person who has a substantial physical, intellectual, sensory, neurological, or mental impairment that is continuous or recurrent, is expected to last for at least one year and has a direct and cumulative effect on, and results in a substantial restriction in, the person’s ability to function in his or her home, the community or workplace.
  • A permanent resident or citizen of Canada
  • A resident of PEI
  • Under 65 years of age on the day an application for supports for the person is submitted
  • Meet any other requirements or conditions set out in the regulations.

To access the AccessAbility Support services you will first meet with a staff person who will conduct an assessment to determine how your disability affects your daily living. The assessment results will determine the level of funding you will receive.The Assessment will address the abilities and challenges of the applicant, their degree of restriction in the home, workplace and community. 

Depending on your assessment outcomes you may be able to receive anywhere from $400 – $3,100 monthly.

AccessAbility Support Funding can be used to address the following:

Personal Support is designed to help individuals improve their daily living. It can include life skills training such as: meal preparation, budgeting, grocery shopping, and recreational activities. It can also provide technical support and assistive devices. These supports can enable an individual to be self-sufficient and live as independently as possible.

Housing Supports will assist in independent living through financial assistance for caregivers who will provide assistance and daily guidance. It can also provide funding to address home and vehicle modifications which may be needed($10,000 every 10 years for home modifications and $6,000 every 8 years for vehicle modifications).

Community Supports enable active participation in the community such as day programming, personal aid or specialized transportation. They also provide assistance with job coaching, skills training, and supports for youth transitioning from the education system to the workforce.

Caregiver Support provides respite for caregivers, as well as supervision for adults who are unable to stay home alone.

Financial Support provides assistance for basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, household and personal supplies through Assured Income.     

If you have any questions or want to set up a meeting with an AccessAbility staff personnel, call their toll-free number at 1-877-569-0546.