“Autism Spectrum Disorder Self-Study Training Manual”

The Foundation has recently completed a manual for staff to further develop their skills as Autism Support workers within the Foundation

Autism Spectrum Disorder Job Seekers Database

The Stars for Life Foundation is currently working with the “National Ready Willing and Able Initiative” which seeks to connect job seekers with employers who may be finding it difficult to fill positions such as data entry jobs where those with autism may excel. Pilot Project to be completed in 2017.

Circle of Excellence

The Stars for Life Foundation is currently working with Dr. Rusk on PEI to connect Natural Paths, Medical Professionals, as well as other community professionals and educational facilities to create a circle of excellence. Through the generous work of these community professionals we will assist our clients to be the most mentally and physically fit they can be.

Post Secondary Education Readiness

Through the generous support of Telus, the Stars for Life Foundation over the next year will work to create an eight week post-secondary readiness program. This program will not only identify the gaps and/or road blocks that our clients with ASD experience that may inhibit their ability to attend a post-secondary education facility, but will also assist them with the skills they need to attend classes independently, to complete class work, and overcome identified barriers to their post-secondary education goals.