The Stars for Life Foundation was established in 2002 as a result of a lack of appropriate services or planning for programs by government for the future of children with autism spectrum disorder in their community. The ideals of the Foundation were created by families on behalf of their children. The founding families developed a working plan to create autism services under the leadership of a voluntary board of committed community members. These founding families recognize that as they themselves age their children will require a safe, secure learning environment beyond the life of their parents. As parents, they are adamant their children are given the same human rights and opportunities as their non-disabled peers. These young people are generally regarded by government as a burden to the social services system, and whose solutions included institutionalization and chemical sedation. As with other Autism Families before them, these families refuse to accept that we throw away these young people with autism write them off as unable to learn or contribute to society. We have learned from other pioneering families, that these young people have much to learn and much to contribute to their communities.