The Stars for Life Foundation for Autism is a Not For Profit Registered Charity, providing “Life Long Living and Learning Opportunities” to young adults and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger’s.

Our day programming is a one-to-one support service that helps individuals accomplish:

-Post Secondary eduction
-Self Care/Hygiene
-Independant Living Skills – budgeting, organizational
-Social Learning
-Mental Health
-Overcoming Sensory Issues
-Finding Employment
-Self Disclosure
-Self Advocacy
-Recreational activities
-Financial Support

Who is eligible? 
-Young adults over 18 years of age
-Primary diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder
-Physician documented
-Not currently receiving services from another agency

Available to Families and Professionals
-Family support groups
-Professional training for educators and caregivers of individuals on the Spectrum
-Assistance navigating government agencies and finding a diagnosis

We have an ever expanding ASD Resource Center that provides accurate information regarding the interventions, services and supports available, as well as a lending library of resources and tools to parents and families.